Achieve Peak Performance Immediately and Feel Better While You Accomplish Your Goals

by Gina Parris

What if I could tell you one secret that would immediately change the way you feel, help you overcome anxiety, and achieve your goals with peak performance? Would you do it?

This week I am once again in awe of my private

One of them came back this week after implementing
basically one action step and said,

“I can’t believe how different I feel! It almost doesn’t make
sense and I don’t know  why it works, but it does.
I am making so much progress on everything else
because I feel better than I’ve felt in years.”

Now, for the record, I can honestly say that my clients
boast a 100% success rate as far as getting their
desired results goes. The only ones who have not
succeeded either quit or did not take the actions
we agreed upon.

Now, what was this one action step?

Many people
won’t apply it because it is so simple.  Not you though.
You understand that the most powerful keys are
usually simple.

Here it is:

He stopped speaking words that described his current
frustrations, and instead started speaking and writing
down a sentence that described his perfect outcome.

That’s it.

I won’t describe his exact words, but an example for you
might be to stop saying,

“I don’t know why this is so hard. I never seem to get ahead,
and it’s driving me crazy.

And instead say,

“My work is easy and fun. I feel  better than ever
and all my needs are met with abundance!”

There is amazing power in your words.

In fact, as someone who is created in the image of God,
you will do well to remember that our very world was formed
by the spoken word.

YOUR world is formed by your words as well.

So, stop “telling it like it is,” start calling those things that
are not as though they were.

Now speaking is your first action step. This client went
above and beyond, and started writing his target sentence
on a sheet of paper and he would not stop until the page
was totally full.

That’s what I mean by “Spelling Out Your Vision.”

Way to Go!

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Please submit a post and let me know what you are believing
for in your life and business. I will agree with you and
celebrate the way that you call it in!

Until next time –

Keep playing to win, keep speaking words of faith,

I’m in your corner,



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