Achieve Your Goals by EXPECTING a Harvest

by Gina Parris

How are things going in your quest to achieve your
big and wonderful goals?

I have a question for you:

Are you expecting a “harvest?”

If not, It will help you to take confidence in the laws of
sowing and reaping.

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Every action you take towards the fulfillment of
your goals is like seed sown. When you don’t seem
to know if it’s working or not, you can trust that as
long as you don’t give up, harvest is coming.

The Bible talks about this and it says that a farmer
“sows his seed, and even though he knows not HOW,
the seed comes up to produce a harvest: 30, 60, and
a hundred fold.”  In fact it calls this a “kingdom principle.”
(That is Bible code for “spiritual law.”)

You don’t need to know how everything will work out.

One important key is to know what harvest looks like
for you. Is it more clients? Is it a great performance?

Two days ago, I took our oldest son to a big baseball
showcase so he could perform in front of a lot of
college and professional scouts.

A few days before hand, he nearly cracked with exhaustion.

So I must have told him a dozen times, “Jordan, I believe
everything will come together for you there.”

At the showcase, he displayed his peak performance at
every opportunity. It was the kind of day a baseball player
lives for.  He could not have been happier.  Of course the
real harvest for him will begin when the notes he’s getting
from scouts result in a great scholarship, but he is much
closer than he was a week ago.

The point is, where ever you are, please don’t give up! Look
for signs of progress, and celebrate your efforts.

I know that sowing good seed includes some very thankless


EXPECT something good to happen today.
EXPECT something good to happen tomorrow.
EXPECT  to sow more seed today.

Look for opportunities to increase your harvest.

Look  for opportunities to “sow into” somebody
else’s success.

One thing I know for sure is…

“a man reaps whatever he sows.”

You can trust the process.

I totally trust the coaching process, which is why
100% of my clients who stick with it,
get the results they desire.

Trust your process.

Sow seeds of success and your harvest will be the
fulfillment of your dreams.

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