Attracting Winners To Your Circle

by Gina Parris

Could you use more high-caliber friends and mentors in your life? Then think about this:

“The relationships we have with the world are largely determined by the relationships we have with ourselves.” — Greg Anderson

Did you know that this world is full of fascinating, intelligent and generous people who want to cheer you on and see you succeed? It’s true, there are winners all around you, ready to stand by your side. What is it you would like to learn this week? What would you like to do better? If you could talk to someone who was very successful, what would you ask?

“But I don’t have any friends like that!” you may lament. This may seem true, but in reality, if you will be that kind of friend to yourself and others, you will attract just the kind of people who will pull you up higher too. You will attract true winners into your circle.

This week, be a friend to yourself. Acknowledge your weaknesses, and affirm your unconditional self-love anyway. Look at others with grace. Believe in their strengths, and let them know it.

What you tend to see in yourself is what you will tend to see around you.

We’re all in this together – let’s keep climbing higher.

In your corner,


Peak Performance Speaker and Coach Gina Parris is passionate about seeing people move from frustration to freedom in their lives and livelihoods. Whether your game is

Athletic, financial, or personal, she can help you win it.

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