How To Change By Not Trying

by Gina Parris

"Change is hard!"

"Change is good!"

"Change is necessary!"

There are so many opinions out there about change, and these
"changing times." As we draw close to a new year, many people will
create New Year's Resolutions that are based on trying to change
something about themselves.  

"I've got to CHANGE," they think, but then they fall right back in
to old patterns and habits and they feel bad about themselves.

Here's why.

Telling yourself you need to CHANGE implies that there is something
currently WRONG with you.

For most people that assessment is simply dis-empowering, and it
does not help you achieve your goals.

If you focus on what is wrong about yourself, you will repeat it.

Here's what to do instead:

Reveal the REAL you. This results in change but it doesn't force
you to change.

How do you do it?

"Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

Have you ever seen a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? Would you
say that caterpillar is changed? That caterpillar is transformed.
But you know what? Butterfly was in that wormy creature's DNA
all along.

Could the caterpillar have lived and died without ever achieving its
destiny? Sure. It could have been squashed, frozen, or died
early.  It could have gone to seminars and read all the books about
how to become a butterfly,  but until it creates its own chrysalis,
it would have remained just a fuzzy worm.

Step #1 Know Your DNA

You are created in the image of the living God. You are a spirit
being. You have a soul and you live in a body.  

Do not let that body rule over you. YOU keep it in subjection. You
can learn to control your emotions, control your actions, control
what goes in your mouth, what goes in your ears, what goes in front
of your eyes, what gets in your heart, what you do with your body.
You are in control.

If you are currently overweight, start nourishing and strengthening
your lean and fit self, and the fat will certainly melt away.

As Renaissance artist Michelangelo said, "I saw the angel in the
marble and I carved until I set him free."  

You are an artist, and you are the sculpture. You can do this thing.

"You have to BE before you can do, and you have to DO before you
can have." – Zig Ziglar

What do you truly want your life to look like? What do you want to
achieve? What do you want to acquire? What do you want to give away?

It all starts with simply BEING. You are a wonderful, perfect
human Being. You hold within yourself all the DNA to see your
dreams come true. If you can see a different future, than you
have the power to get there.

Step #2. Renew Your Mind

If you have been stuck in the same defeated patterns for any
length of time than it's because you hold a certain image of yourself.
It means your body is doing a perfect job of living out the habits
that support that self-image.  Trying to change from the outside
will put you into a frustrating place of striving and internal

How do you renew your mind for transformation?

 A. Meditate on Truth
 B. Put it into practice

Next week we'll talk more about what that means.

Until then, your assignment is to get clear on who you really are.
Despite any negative things you may have heard from yourself or
anyone else, you are created to be a masterpiece.

Feed the vision.

Keep playing to win and enjoy your game.  

I'm in your corner!


P.S. One way to change easily from the inside out is to go here
and get this very affordable audio: Royalty Within There is a 
ton of science behind why it works, but I won't go into that here.
As always, I love to hear your comments below.

  • Bryan

    Nice! It’s true. If you tweak the simplest of things in your own mind, you can achieve a given something or another.
    I myself have been looking to change for the longest of times. For years I have been reading books and looking at motivational quotes to spark that “something” in me that would affect change. It didn’t happen. I would see change for a day or two… But I kept resorting to my old self again. Always looking at the Bad in me and what was wrong.

    Here’s something you may get a kick out of Gina!!! (sorry for it being so long)

    I found myself in a state of negativity. Always going away from life. When Friends wanted to see me, I was busy. When opportunity came knocking, I wasn’t answering.. I was just this big ball of “No’s”. I never knew exactly why I had become like this, but never the less, I just WAS!
    Now here’s the funny thing (It actually has 2 parts to it)

    After some serious thought on the subject. I realized there was an aspect of FEAR in me. Specifically a fear of being wrong.. In my business, if you’re wrong, people lose a lot of money. There’s no particular reason for this feeling. I have plenty of education and experience on my specific subject, a lot more then most people and I find myself rarely wrong when I make a decision. However it was still there.
    After looking online on dealing with fear, I found the root cause of it. I WAS THINKING about it to damn much. It would sit on my mind for days. And when the time came to produce I either retracted from it, or went into the deal apprehensive. Needless to say it felt pretty crippling. My brain was getting in the way. So, I started training myself to just not think and rely on my training. And you know something… I sit on the phone with million dollar investors nowadays without an ounce of fear. And everything goes just fine. Fear handled! 

    The other part:
    About the same time I figured out to STOP thinking…. I bought the movie “Yes Man”.. You know… With Jim Carry. I just needed a good laugh. Well after about the 5th time of watching it, I started thinking to myself what my life would be like if I started staying yes. So I started doing that, Forcing myself to say YES to just about everything that came up. And you know what?….. wouldn’t you know, opportunities that I couldn’t see before were sitting there staring me in the face.
    It’s like it breathed life into me. I felt rejuvenated. I blamed the economy for my drop in production, but in the end.. It was all me and my negative attitude towards life.
    I now have more energy, I’m back to my old self of just having fun with life and it’s exciting.
    I know saying Yes to anything (Within reason) sounds a little funny… But it works.. at least for me  It just opens doors that I tended to keep closed.

    I’ve read and listen to numerous books and tapes on motivation and bettering yourself. But it never really stuck. The reason it never stuck was because although I listen to these things and tried to put it in practice, It never stuck I was to busy living in fear and closing off any door or opportunity in my life. Funny Eh? It’s all mental.
    Just thought I would share a little of my recent finding with you because your so awesome.
    Sorry if there’s typos… I’m writing this while preparing for a presentation to one of my big million dollar investors. No Fear! Lol.

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