Overcoming Failure: from Agony to Victory

by Gina Parris

Are you old enough to remember the opening footage to the Wide World of Sports on ABC?

I don’t even remember what they showed as the announcer crooned “The thrill of victory…”

But I sure do remember the snow skier’s wipeout to the words”…and the agony of defeat!”

How about you? Do you have your own moments of agony?

Of course! All winners do.

You probably know what it’s like to put months and years of effort into a shot at something -and then fail.

The disappointment can be crushing. The closer the victory, the greater the agony. The more public the disappointment, the greater the shame.

How do you turn it around?

Since the defeat was both mental and tactical, the solution is too. Here are four steps that I guarantee can take you to the other side.

1.” Zoom Out”

First of all, step back!

Look at your life with a generous “wide angle” lens. Create a timeline of your whole life – past, present and future decades. List important events to come and see that this event you just endured is only a tiny blip on the Time Line of your success story.

Tell yourself, “This too shall pass” and then use it to make yourself stronger.

Perspective is quite a healer of disappointment

2. “Zoom In”

Now take that camera with a close up lens, and “zoom in” to your most inward, invisible core. See the person that you are, completely separate from all the external things that define you.


See the qualities about you that are bigger than your game. You have infinite Power and Love dwelling inside of you. You are a million times bigger on the inside than you are on the outside.

When you nurture the winner inside of yourself, than you will prevail against the adversaries on the outside.

3. Get Going

Successful people know that the true success comes from FAILING as quickly as possible, learning from the loss, and quickly executing with the new wisdom.

The faster you get up and move forward, the faster your shame becomes part of your glory. Somebody else needs to see you prevail so they can do it too. Your success is never just about you.

As you run your race, enjoy each step. There is only power in the present. Enjoy your breath, the sounds, the sights, the fragrances of life. Enjoy the people you share it all with.

4. Get Coaching

More than ever, you must invest in yourself. In times when bad news abounds, you can NOT reach your peak alone. Look at those who have created the greatest victories around you. I guarantee they’ve had at least one coach.

Align yourself with someone who will pull you higher, bring out your best and hold you accountable to your own dreams. Find someone with whom you can be completely honest and vulnerable.

It matters not the caliber of disappointment. You WILL move from The Agony of Defeat to The Thrill of Victory by quickly and continually executing these four steps.

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