Overcoming Self-Doubt

by Gina Parris

Sometimes we do all the right things and we feel completely on track. We know that we can reach our goals. We know that life is good.

And then something happens.

If we’re talking about overcoming anxiety, perhaps something happens that triggers our overwhelming sense of self doubt.

And there we stand. Adrenaline rushing. Heart sinking. Failure beginning to set in.

What’s a champ to do?

Act fast!!

Immediately, when doubt rushes in, we have a chance to grow.

It’s in the moment of conflict that we gain the victory or cave into a long process of getting emotionally pumped up to face it again.

Everything revolves around what we tell ourselves.

So the next time you take a stand and believe for something better than what you currently see, prepare for conflict. It’s called Resistance.

Know that the moment will come when your un-renewed mind will face some data, and reply, “It’s not working!”

When it does, recognize it as a little voice in your head, that’s trying to protect you.

Then stand in the unlimited, supernatural strength that is rushing all about you. Let Unlimited Strength rise up and laugh in the face of Resistance.

Treat it like a sarcastic joke from an unruly child.

“WhatEVER!” You reply with a grin.

The Resistance fades for a moment and right then you conquer it with confident action.

Your action may be a faith-filled statement: “I AM a winner.”

Your action includes whatever Resistance is trying to stop you from doing.

Ultimately, you cannot lose if keep growing in your awareness, and keep standing for your breakthrough. Resistance will come back at a later time, but by then you will already be stronger and it will be a new level of victory.

I’m in your corner!

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