Supernatural Success – Three Keys to Being a Hundred Times Better than You Feel

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by Gina Parris


This morning I woke up to the regular beeping of my alarm but with every beep I heard these words, Faith, Hope, Love, Faith, Hope, Love, Faith, Hope, Love.

Since I was actually way too tired to walk across the room and turn it off,I laid there for at least 10 minutes beeping out those three words:

Faith, Hope, Love, Faith, Hope, Love, Faith, Hope, Love, Faith, Hope, Love, Faith, Hope, Love.

Something about it stirred me up. 

"What is this all about?"  I asked.

"Supernatural success." came the reply.

Oh yeah, THAT. Suddenly everything else seemed pretty boring. You know – stuff like shopping for my new car, refining our workouts for the gym, planning Christmas vacation. But the stuff I need to do took on a new excitement – meeting with clients, filling in my marketing calendar, writing articles for readers.

As I washed my face I looked at an index card that I have stuck on my mirror.  It says this,

"So – throw off EVERYTHING that hinders & the sin that so easily entangles & RUN with PERSEVERANCE the race marked out for you:
-conquer kingdoms
-bring justice
-obtain the promises"

Everything about those words fills a whole storybook for me.  It's very personal. But what about you? Do you know the race YOU are here to run? Do you know how to do it with faith, hope and love?

It's my desire that you will indeed finish your course with joy.

Everybody essentially wants joy. They want peace. They want love.  And they strive so hard.

Let's just look at those three forces for a moment. They are infinitely powerful:

1. Faith – This is an absolute SUBSTANCE – as real as anything else you can see and touch.

It has a frequency. In fact like everything else in the universe, it basically IS a frequency. It give substance to things hoped for (just as fear gives substance to things dreaded.)

2. Hope – the assurance of something positive. It is completely inaccurate to say, "Don't get your hopes up – you'd hate to be disappointed!" Real hope does not disappoint. It vibrates with vision and purpose and creates a target for our faith.

3. Love – Perhaps the most powerful force of all. In fact my favorite book, the Bible, says that "God is love, and the one who lives in love lives in God and God in him."  It's not very complicated, but the fact is – only love is powerful enough to drive out fear and equip you to win.

I don't know how to walk in these forces apart from God. I know many people try. But then when they lay hold of everything they wanted, they often wonder why they are not happy or satisfied.  How my heart goes out to them.

On the other hand – sometimes people offer us only trite little Sunday School answers. I remember once someone telling a friend of mine, "Well, you just need to let go and let God!"

He looked immediately at me and asked, "But what the HELL does that really mean???" I LOVED his honest question.

People from all over the world come to me to help them master their mindset to achieve their full potential – in life,  business or sport. Sometimes they want to talk about spiritual things, sometimes not. I am happy either way, and I rejoice in their results every time.

Still, there are times I have to cut away all the psycho-babble and zero in for myself on the things that are unchanging and eternal. Faith, hope and love – by way of a Living God. I love it in His presence.  Ultimately, its what gets me up in the morning.

How about you? What gets YOU up in the morning?

Please let me know by commenting right below


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 Until next time – keep playing hard, and ENJOY YOUR GAME!!  

In your corner,



Gina Parris is an internationally sought-after peak performance speaker and coach who has been equipping individuals and organizations for over 20 years. She is passionate about seeing you win big in your life and livelihood as you master your mindset and strategize your actions.

  • Joi

    Gino! I loved the message and all the biblical truth. Would it be possible to reference the verses you refer to, even if it’s a general area and not the specific verse? Thx

    • Jsteele

      Hi Joi,
      See Hebrews 12 and I John

      • Exactly! Read and re-read Hebrews 11 and then see how it relates to chapter 12. 1John 10:10 for sure. Love you, Joi and J.

  • Gloris

    you are great Gina, inspired by God. Love you, MOM

    • Well, thanks. Its nice to have a Mama that believes in me. 🙂

  • Jsteele

    Gina, this was so good for me to read today, thanks!

    • Thank you J, my brother!! Keep that switch of faith turned on,

  • Danielle

    Nice Gin! Truly one of your most inspiring posts. I love the way you use real life examples and ways for people to connect the information to what they are experiencing…love it!


    • Thank you Danielle! This one was pretty personal. I guess I’m getting that way, more and more. 🙂

  • Gina, this post is inspiring!! If more people would use the mantra of Faith, Hope and Love each day, especially when they first wake up, the world would be a much better place!! Thank you for this, great post!

    • Hahaha yeah! Heck, if even I woke up every morning remembering the mantra of faith, hope and love this world might be a better place! But I’m working on it!!

  • This was a powerful post, Gina. I’ve always thought the glory of God is intelligence and striving to be better than we think we are capable of. Your post reminds me to trust in His love and strive toward helping ourselves and each other attain the greatness that He created for us.

    • Thanks Ted! I think that is indeed worth striving for!

  • Paul T Tran

    The more you wake up with love, faith, and hope starting your day, guiding your every action throughout the day, and finishing strong with those powerful principles, you not only will have financial or mental or physical success, but SUPERNATURAL success! Love the post, Gina – inspiring, powerful, and under-applied!

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