Last night I sat down to watch ESPN’s 30 for 30 story,  The Price of Gold about Tanya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan. Of course, it’s been 20 years since those two American figure skaters captured the world’s attention with the knee-battering that Harding’s camp dished out to Kerrigan. I couldn’t wait to hear more details. […]


  How to Overcome Stress & Have More Fun or  Winning in Turbulent Times…   My family went white water rafting last week on the nearby Ocoee River. (We went to a place called Adventures Unlimited – and I highly recommend them!)   Anyway, I realized that plunging yourself and your loved ones through dangerous […]

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“Don’t get your hopes up – you’d hate to be disappointed.” It’s an axiom we seem to learn in childhood. However, it is NOT our natural God given approach. Look at young children. Do they get their hopes up? You bet they do! We all had a beginning where we chased life with abandon. Remember […]