I’m always thrilled when Bob Burg comes out with a new book! Here it’s my pleasure to interview my friend and best selling author about his  5 Ways to Win People Over to Your Point of View Without Manipulation or Coercion. He calls it Turning Adversaries into Allies.  And it will help you become a […]


So I made this video late last night, straight from the gym as I was thinking about the power that COMMITMENT brings to our lives. It's our 21st wedding anniversary, and for the first time ever, Mr. Parris (The Sailor) and I are apart for a whole year. Whatever you put your hand to, I […]


  Have you ever just had a bad day? Have you ever felt lousy when you weren’t even sure why? Wouldn’t it be great to know how to be happy when you’re feeling crappy? I made this video to help us understand a few things: 1. From the time we are little we are bombarded […]


In the field of peak performance, I think most people understand that if we can truly believe something, we can see it come to pass. There is no power greater than the power of belief. Still, so often many of us struggle beneath our potential, wondering why we miss the mark. Why do our goals […]


Is attitude really all it's cracked up to be? In my field as a motivator, I have certainly heard my share of speeches about attitude. I've heard speakers holler about how our altitude is determined by our attitude, and It's not our I.Q. that matters, but our "I will." I've told my children at times […]