This week I found myself coming back again and again to a list of “happiness promises” by John Wooden. Peter Doumit had recorded this list in his book, More of…What I Know About Baseball is what I know about Life. They really need no expounding upon, but printing this list out and putting it […]


Remember when teachers used to take attendance verbally at the beginning of class? I clearly recall the first day of my sophomore year at North Central High School in Spokane, Washington. As the veteran teacher, Mr. Hopkins, recited the names on the roll, students slouched in their seats and mumbled their replies: “…here…” “…here…” “…here…” […]


The truth is, I actually ENJOY Christmas, but sometimes all the hoopla makes me painfully aware of those who find Christmastime to be downright agonizing. What if you are one of the dear ones who is dealing with deep loss this year? How do you just smile and say a jolly  “Merry Christmas! Ho ho […]