Love & Sex

August is “National Romance Awareness Month,” so in the spirit of Winning at Home, I have four tips to help you Rekindle the Romance. Lighten Up and Laugh! Getting all stressed-out kills the romance! Research proves that couples that laugh together have more satisfying love lives, because laughter helps reduce stress and creates bonding. So […]


Whether you find yourself in a sexless marriage or a sexless weekend, you can find hope. If you are the partner with lower sex drive than this marriage intimacy series is for you.


I know that “not being in the mood,” is not a matter of technique. It is emotional. In order to succeed and thrive in our most intimate places, it is necessary to rewire ourselves to be responsive, arouse-able and orgasmic!


So, I have to come clean. Love is what I care most about in this whole world. No, not just sex, but the love that has come as a RESULT of a lot of effort and time towards those closest to me.


How to Fall Back in Love

by Gina Parris

For the past 19+ years, I have been married to the most attractive man I have ever met. That is a great feeling. What surprises people who know us, is that even in a marriage as wonderful as ours, the “great feelings” come and go! I was amused last week to realize that both Mr. […]