Winning In Business

Crafting Your Winning Season-in Sports and Life   You are as much creators as you are competitors. If you don’t understand the laws that govern creation, you will always be at the mercy of competition. Recently I was addressing a clubhouse full of college baseball players on one of my favorite subjects: Crafting a Winning […]


I’m always thrilled when Bob Burg comes out with a new book! Here it’s my pleasure to interview my friend and best selling author about his  5 Ways to Win People Over to Your Point of View Without Manipulation or Coercion. He calls it Turning Adversaries into Allies.  And it will help you become a […]


In reality everything you are feeling can change in a moment. You are not having a breakdown. You are on the verge of a breakTHROUGH!


Clayton Homes unveiled it’s green i-house this week for the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway.  (What you didn’t know that the Buffet giant owned the mobile home sweetheart?)  Interestingly, there is a lesson for any one who wants to grow their business in these tough times. Let’s look at three tips from their latest move: 1. […]