Winning In Business

I’m always thrilled when Bob Burg comes out with a new book! Here it’s my pleasure to interview my friend and best selling author about his  5 Ways to Win People Over to Your Point of View Without Manipulation or Coercion. He calls it Turning Adversaries into Allies.  And it will help you become a […]


In reality everything you are feeling can change in a moment. You are not having a breakdown. You are on the verge of a breakTHROUGH!


Clayton Homes unveiled it’s green i-house this week for the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway.  (What you didn’t know that the Buffet giant owned the mobile home sweetheart?)  Interestingly, there is a lesson for any one who wants to grow their business in these tough times. Let’s look at three tips from their latest move: 1. […]