Belief – How to Reach Your Goals with God’s Help

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by Gina Parris

In the field of peak performance, I think most people understand that if we can truly believe something, we can see it come to pass. There is no power greater than the power of belief. Still, so often many of us struggle beneath our potential, wondering why we miss the mark. Why do our goals fail to materialize? Why do we get frustrated?

What is belief anyway? Belief is being persuaded that something is going to come to pass. If it is belief in something good, we call it faith. If it is belief in something bad, we call it fear. If you have a mixture or a double mind about it, you are in doubt. (notice they start with the same prefix.)  Doubt is the master key to staying stuck!  That's why so much of my work with people focuses on eliminating their internal conflicts.

What if we could glean some lessons from the Father of our faith, Abraham? If we read the Bible in Romans 4, some of his secrets are summed up. How did he have Isaac and give birth to a whole nation when he and his wife were old and sterile?

1. Face the Facts – but don't be moved by them

Hey, there is no condemnation in starting right where you are. "Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead, since he was a hundred years old and Sarah's womb was also dead."

Ever felt like your dreams were dead, your business was dead, your career was dead? Abraham and Sarah had a dream of this child for decades before they got into alignment with the promise and gave birth. And there is a magical word: promise.

2. Trust in the promise and The Promiser

"Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being FULLY PERSUADED that God had power to do what he had promised."

It is difficult to muster up a ton of faith and confidence separate from a promise from God. I know people seem to do it, but I can't. I don't trust any other source of information. However, once I see a promise in the Word and God stirs it up in my heart, it is a DONE deal. That's how come I have a big long list of miracles that I've witnessed written down in the back of my Bible. Remarkably, when I get into stretches of ignoring the Word, my faith tank gets pretty empty, and I flounder in my own strength.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing. Sometimes I just have to start with a general promise like saying that I am a child of God so I am led by the Spirit of God. Then I start to receive leading and clarity.
Speaking of "saying…"

3. Speak in alignment with life

We're told that Abraham is our father "in the sight of God who GIVES LIFE TO THE DEAD AND CALLS THINGS THAT ARE NOT AS THOUGH THEY WERE."

We talk about this all the time in sports performance: say it, say it, say it. We know how important it is to speak positively, even in the face of contradiction. Did you know God himself is the One who demonstrated that first? He called Abraham a father of many nations, while he was childless and good as dead. He called Jacob a "Prince with God" when people only called him a deceiver He called Gideon a mighty warrior when he was hiding out in a winepress, he called Simon a Rock or "Peter" when he had been as flakey as a reed.  He has a name for you too. It would be good to learn to see yourself the way God does, and call yourself that. For one thing, he calls you "more than a conqueror."  It's hard to be a loser when you have "conqueror" emblazened on your heart.

I've heard that the secret to growing in belief is to feed your faith and starve your doubts. Personally I believe in addressing and acknowledging your doubts and choosing to clear them out on purpose.  Still the end result is the same. You are single-minded, victorious, and connected to the Ultimate Warrior.

Thank you for believing in your self. Until next time keep playing hard and enjoy your game!

I'm in your corner,





  • Gina, your words resonate deeply with me. Thanks so much for the Biblical perspective you are bringing to these concepts! I’ve long been drawn to them, but often felt as though I was too much drawn to the “health and wealth” part of things. But, when aligned with God and His purposes, we can dream big dreams!

    In speaking of faith, I am reminded of Jesus, the Son of God, who could not perform miracles in certain towns of Galilee, because of their lack of faith. It seems as though faith is a strong and necessary ingredient to open the way for God to work powerfully. And I also love what you say about speaking words out loud.

    I had a big vision statement I wrote about two years ago. It’s time to take it out and start reading aloud again! 🙂 Blessings to you!

    • Aw Steve thanks so much! I think about that inability to perform miracles too, even by the Master Himself. So definitely read that statement out loud, pick up where you left off, and we’ll believe for harvest!!

  • Paul T Tran

    Hey Gina – I love how you define the different shades of “beliefs” – good 1’s being faith, bad 1’s being fear, and the gray area being “doubt” (which is still bad!). I also love how you mentioned the prefix of “doub” for double-mind and doubt. The play on words is always what sticks with me!

    I’ve always believed that whatever the mind can conceive and belief, it can achieve. You are your own self-fulfilling prophecy. So if you think something bad’s going to happen, there won’t be a need for a tarot card reader to know it’s going to happen. And vice versa – why not just focus on the positive? Why is our society so fixated on drama, negativity, and putting people down to bring themselves up?

    Anyway – just sparking some great thoughts because of this awesome post. Keep it up! I’m enjoying them!

    • Thank you Paul! I’ve always been pretty sure about being able to achieve what the mind can conceive and believe too. Sometimes it just seems easier to say than to lay hold of!

  • Anonymous

    Nice work Gina! I enjoyed both the video and the post –being able to watch and read this information will really help it stick with me. One of my favorite women, multi-millionaire and entrepreneur Dani Johnson, once highlighted the fact that because we are made in the Creator’s image, we also, have the power to create. This means we can create chaos for ourselves –feeding into our negative, self talk and going in that downward spiral. Or, we can chose life. Life and death is in the power of the tongue (i.e. words). I agree with you and the others Gina, let’s choose life, freedom, faith and fullness. Thank you for that beautiful reminder to “feed our faith.” I want to implement that more often 🙂

    • Yeah Rochelle, I always think of you now when I say “Feed our faith.” hahaha. That Dani Johnson is for sure an inspiring gal. We DO have power to create. Eeek, I’d hate to be feeding chaos. Did you know one root to the word “why” means chaos? When trouble comes we can ask “why?” until we make ourselves nearly crazy. Much better to ask more empowering questions, like, “How can I turn this around for good?”

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  • Gina, I love your videos and you!! Your take on things; the way you explain them and weave them through our every day lives just impresses the socks off of me!!! I could sit and talk with you for hours about how you can pour yourself, your belief’s and your passion into these videos! They are incredible! Like Rochelle, I enjoy the video and being able to read along with the post! Great job!!!

    • Oh John that makes me feel good to impress an expert like you! Thanks a million.

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