The Game Knows

by Gina Parris

Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before Kings; he will not serve before obscure men. Proverbs 22:29

Have you ever felt like you put in the hard work to be successful only to be overlooked in the time of promotion? If so, don’t give up!

In our house, we use a quote we picked up from Tim Corbin, the head baseball coach at Vanderbilt University. Corbin often tells his players simply,

“The Game Knows.”

-The Game Knows how well you truly play.

Eventually your gifts will make a way for you.

-The Game Knows how to vindicate you.

Your goal is not to prove anything. Your goal is to trust the process – one pitch at a time.

-The Game Knows that victory is coming.

Just like the laws of seed, time and harvest – consistent action with positive expectation will pay off if you don’t quit.

This past week my son, Jordan, signed his letter of intent to play baseball next year for Tennessee Tech. He will be reunited as teammates with his best friend Jacob, who pitched to him in high school.

Both of those boys had set the goal to play Division 1 baseball in high school. Neither had the offers they desired as 18 year-olds. Instead, they each made the most of their JUCO careers and had several offers to choose from as college sophomores. It paid off to trust The Game as they worked hard.

When you put in consistent effort towards your dreams and goals you will be rewarded as well. When tempted to quit, please remember…

The Game Knows.

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